Find your Career Niche

United Medical Center is committed to helping you find a career path that's right for you. With new challenging opportunities added to our portfolio every day, we are always seeking highly qualify and dedicated talent to join our team.

Careers in Health Care

Why should I consider a career in the health care industry?

Jobs in health care are available in almost every city in the United States. Additionally, those who work in the health care field enjoy excellent benefits and competitive salaries. The health care industry is generally very supportive of continuing education and professional advancement.

What kinds of jobs are available?

United Medical Center offers job opportunities in areas you would expect from any busy, academic medical center. Direct patient care roles include nurses, medical assistants, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, radiologic technologists, ultrasound technologists, certified nursing assistants, surgical technologists and phlebotomists. Other, more behind-the-scenes roles include lab technicians, biostatisticians, pharmacists, medical coders and researchers. Lastly, our hospital would not run without the work of those in support roles: environmental service aides, electricians, carpenters and plumbers, information desk employees, special officers and administrative assistants.