Welcome to the UMC Human Resources website

People are our greatest resource.

UMC is a great place to work. We attribute this to the remarkable people who work here. Our Human Resources mission is, first, to identify and hire individuals who reflect the values of this institution and who will be dedicated to the success of our efforts. Second, we strive to ensure that UMC employees view our office as a vital hub where they will find support and resources to help them be successful in their work.

If you are applying for a position here, we are delighted that you are considering UMC as the next step in your career. This site will enable you to apply for a position that suits your experience and interests. You also can use it to explore the many benefits and resources we offer our employees.

If you are a current employee, we want you to know that we value the contributions you make each and every day. This site will provide you with direct access to benefits information, activities within our community, and resources that will help you find the best work life balance.

Whether you are a current employee today or hope to work here someday, we want you to find this a stimulating environment, one that is both positive and respectful.

We invite your feedback and also welcome any ideas you may have that will enrich your work environment and our community.